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Introduction of self weeding transfer paper

posted on  2019-08-05 14:19:51

Hollowing is an engraving technique. The exterior looks like a complete pattern, but it is empty inside or inlaid with small hollow objects.

The high-definition pattern is printed on the carrier for thermal transfer, and then the pattern is transferred to the clothes by a heating device such as a heat press machine, so that the pattern appears to be transferred to the clothes or cloth in a complete whole, which is used in the process. The carrier to be obtained is hollow paper.

Hollow paper can be divided into laser dark hollow paper and light hollow paper. Laser dark hollow paper needs to be printed with special OKI machine, which is suitable for dark cotton fabric; light hollow paper is printed with sublimation ink. It is suitable for patterns with darker colors or patterns with a color density of 60% or more. The light pattern is not suitable for this paper, and the applicable fabric is also cotton fabric. (Currently, the company sells mainly laser dark hollow paper)








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