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Iron dark transfer paper

posted on   2019-07-29 17:47:20

Name: Dark inkjet iron transfer paper

Specifications: A4 (210mm X 297mm)

Ink:pigment ink

1.General instructions

Use iron dark transfer paper to freely draw images and transfer them to light-colored cotton or cotton polyester T-shirts, cotton canvas bags and home decorations. With color retention and multiple washings


Iron dark transfer paper can be used to make T-shirts, gift bags, mouse pads, etc. by using crayon, oil brush, printer, etc.

3.Using the model

Most printers available such as: Epson, HP, Canon ink jet printer, etc.

4 Print suggestions

The printer is set to photo (P), the paper option is plain paper, and the printing ink is a traditional pigment ink.


5.Transfer process:

1). The transfer paper is printed on an inkjet printer, and the image needs to be mirrored. (rough surface is the print side)

2). After drying, the printed image will be cut off with a cutting tool, and a 0.5 cm white edge will be left in the image portion to prevent the ink from seeping out and staining the clothes.

3). The image is placed face down on the fabric to be transferred, and the iron is ironed through copy paper or ironing gauze.

4). Please perform ironing on a smooth surface and require the carrier to withstand large pressure. It is recommended not to use a household ironing board because the household ironing board is elastic and has weak support strength, which is not conducive to image bonding.

Please set the iron temperature to the highest. After the maximum temperature is reached, ironing starts. If the iron temperature is low, the image transfer is insufficient and it is easy to fall off. Be careful not to use the steam file, which will affect the transfer effect.

Firmly press the back half of the iron onto the compartment and move it evenly and slowly for a few minutes. Be careful to apply special force when ironing the corners of the transfer paper, otherwise the best results will not be achieved. (If you use the heat press machine, the temperature is set at 185 ° C, the time is 20 seconds.)

5). After ironing, immediately remove the backing paper (hot tearing type)

6). After the second leveling, the iron is ironed through the silicone paper (adhesive backing paper), and the image is completely melted into the transfer.

7). carry out.



The storage environment of the printing paper: relative humidity 35-65%, temperature 10-30 °C.

l Precautions for washing: We recommend using ordinary detergent and cold water to wash the transferred T-shirt separately. Do not mix with other clothes at the same time. Do not dry clean or bleach. Please do not transfer the transfer part. Dry or dry with a dryer. After washing, if the image shows signs of shedding, the backing paper can be overlaid on the image and re-ironed and bonded. Never iron the transfer section directly with an iron



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