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Laser water decal transfer paper

posted on   2018-12-03 14:38:36

Today we want to introduce our Clear laser water slide decal transfer paper(clear). this word will show you how to use the water decal transfer paper (clear) transfer mugs .

Clear water slide decal transfer paper could be used on transparent or light colored item such as glass, crystal cups etc.


In order to finished the test , you will use the following tools

1.Laser printer

2.Laser water decal transfer paper

3.Hair dryer, water ,mugs.oven etc


First printing the water slide decal transfer paper.Please remember the smooth surface is the printing surface Use the hair dryer to dry the ink or leave it to natural drying .

Cut out the paper

There is a difference between clear and white , the white decal paper use a dark color surface, so you need to cut our your design very carefully .the clear decal transfer paper can be used light surface so it doesn’t matter if you leave a little bit of border when you cutting our your design .

Next we need place it into ordinary temperature water for about 30-60 seconds.

Do not leave the decal too long , as it will separate from the base paper. You could test it if it is ready to go by just slipping it through your fingers, and you will see the decal paper slipping all over the backing

Apply your decal to a clean surface and use a clean cloth or tissue to wipe off excess water while moving air bubbles that may appear.

After put it into the oven backing in the temperature of 100-140℃ for 10-15 minutes. The mug is complete now .

(If you don’t have the oven, you can put the hot water in the water , the image also stable, of course the best choice is Oven  )


For the various unresistant high -temperature materials, actually the backing temperature and time need to be adjusted flexibility according to the fact, here we must know the highest temperature should be adjust by the actual tempature that the transferred object can bear ,and can not exceed the soecified temperature in the instructions ,however the temperature we use should be in accordance with the actual situation


For example the backing temperature of the resistant .high -temperature is 110-130 degree for 10-15 minutes while the unresistant high -temperature plastics need 50-70 degrees of the temperature for 10-15minutes or longer

Besides big ticket items or rose flowers. Candles can not be put into the oven and should dry naturally.






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