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Light transfer paper instructions

posted on   2019-10-08 14:39:03

1.Before transfer, please press the desired transfer fabric to press and shape. There are two advantages to this. First, ensure that the fabric is flat and the transferred pattern will not wrinkle. Second: Silicone Pad preheating to improve transfer effect

2.Light-colored thermal transfer paper needs heavy pressure when transferring. When the pressure is low, the pattern on the transfer paper is difficult to transfer to the fabric completely. There will be a lot of color residue on the bottom paper, which will result in the pattern not being completely Transfer

3.When the light transfer paper tears off the bottom paper, it needs hot tearing. It is best to tear off the bottom paper on the heat transfer board after the heat transfer machine is bounced. Warm tearing and cold tearing may cause the bottom paper to stick. Can't tear it off the fabric

4.After the light transfer paper is torn off the backing paper, it needs to be covered with the release paper and then pressed once to fix the fixed type. After the second pressing, the fabric can be slightly stretched to increase the softness of the printed fabric.

5.Transfer is completed 24 hours, turn it over thenwash.







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