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Make Your Own Custom T-shirts

posted on  2019-05-06 18:26:58

Self-made custom t-shirt is not fresh thing in modern life, dressed in characteristic, unique t-shirts, I believe this is all of the young people's preferences, meanwhile it also avoid embarrassment for "hit shirt" when people walk on the streets. It’s too embarrassed to wear the same pattern t-shirts when people met, except school uniforms and other uniforms. Those bearing the brand Logo t-shirt was alreay not in young man's heart, wear the character, wear custom t-shirts. In fact, making your own custom t-shirt in addition to avoid "hit shirt" beyond embarrassment, it can also show your design ideas.

Now I want to say ,it’s really easy to make a custom unique t-shirt by yourself, you just need some normal material in your daily life, such as computer, inkjet printer, inkjet heat transfer paper, irons, ironing board and related supplies. Let’s start to do it here and now.

Step one: find your wanted pictures and design.

You can find your favorite design on the Internet and integrate your personality and creativity into pictures, or design your own patterns, this step would have completed the drawing tools, such as Photoshop. Then built a piece of A4 paper size, set the resolution to 200 pixels/inch, color mode "RGB".


Step two: Printing patterns

After choosing patterns , you can use inkjet printer to print pattern on the A4 size heat transfer paper, and transfer pattern on heat transfer paper onto the t-shirt, in order to make better performance on t-shirt, you’d  better gently heat press around the pattern in the process, if you want to be a little more professional, iron can be replaced by heat press machine. At this time, At this time, put transferred t-shirts alone and then you can wear it when pattern come to cool down on the t-shirt.


Tips for details of making process:

1, print out the pattern with using the A4 t-shirt heat transfer paper, and remember to select "mirror print",  the images will be positive after transferring on t-shirts.

2.set the iron temperature to high, do not use the steam mode.

3.put the transfer paper face down on t-shirts, force pressed, then tear up the paper after paper come to be cold.

4.when t-shirt come to be dirty ,you just gently wash it in low than 60 degrees water with your hands, and dry it with nature wind away from direct sunshine.








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