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PET sticker film

posted on   2019-07-30 16:50:44

PET sticker label is an important part in the label industry. The raw material itself is chemically stable, can withstand high temperature, oil and dirt, and is not easily deformed.

What we sell can be divided into the following categories:

For ink jet printer :inkjet non-waterproof transparent PET sticker . waterproof translucent, white.matte silver, bright silver, bright gold,brushed gold PET,brushed silver PET,holographic.

For laser printer : transparent , white, bright silver, bright gold,brushed gold PET,brushed silver PET.

The use of PET stickers is also quite extensive, such as cups, cosmetics, electrical labels, panel labels, etc.  

Commodity industry: price tags, product description tags, shelf labels, bar code labels, drug labels.

Electronic and electrical labels for the electrical and electronic industry: There are many durable self-adhesive labels on various types of electrical appliances.

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