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Personality water transfer - a new breakthrough in the market

Posted on 2019-11-18 10:14:49

Because water transfer can be divided into offset printing, screen printing, gravure printing, etc., the production process must undergo complex procedures such as plate making, filming, booting, overprinting, etc., so it is generally not suitable for personalized printing and transfer, only suitable for mass production.


However, it is worth mentioning that a small number of water transfer printing companies are now introducing a new water transfer printing technology - inkjet printing water transfer printing.


In the actual operation process, the flexibility of the technology is very strong, and the picture sharpness requirement is higher. As long as the resolution of the printer output is sufficient, it can achieve the effect requested by the customer. Compared with screen printing, it has advantages.


Third, the inkjet printing water transfer technology has the above obvious advantages, so it is particularly suitable for personalized transfer.


With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' consumption concepts are constantly changing, and tailor-made personalized products are increasingly favored by consumers. Personalized transfer can fully meet the consumption needs of modern people.

The biggest feature of water transfer is the wide range of applications. With this advantage, the market development prospects of inkjet transfer technology are very impressive.







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