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Photographic paper

posted on 2018-05-22 09:54:18

When it comes to photographic paper, people think of the most conventional photographs ,In fact, there are many kinds of phase paper .The film we used to use, the pictures we developed. And today we're talking about cast-coated paper .


The poor image quality of this kind of paper is due to its relatively low optical density and gloss, and its paper-based ink absorption directly, so that the paper will appear some degree of wrinkles after printing, but because of its printing quality is basically acceptable. And the production cost is relatively low, so its market demand is the largest, can be used as a substitute for high-end products.

Cast-coated high-gloss photographic paper is a kind of photographic paper which is rolled by high-brightness chrome-plated hot cylinder. The paper also has a microporous structure, so ink absorption as RC paper is also particularly fast. The gloss of the paper is mainly transferred from the casting cylinder, so the smoothness, temperature, pressure and other factors directly affect the brightness of the product. Silica coating is completely waterproof, but the original paper base is not waterproof, so the casting coated paper is "semi-waterproof", can not be a lot of water.


Advantages of cast-coated paper :

1.Fast drying, ink penetration into the ink absorption layer at the same time by the paper-based (phase base paper) absorption

2.For printers and ink have a wide range of compatibility

3.Because there is paper-based auxiliary absorption of water, ink absorption is very good

4.Low cost


Regular Size:

Sheet:A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)   3R(89×127mm)     4R(102×152mm)               5R(127×178mm)    A5(148.5×210mm)8.5 “×11 ”(216×279mm)  

11 “×17”(279×432mm)

Roll:305mm  432mm /610mm /914mm /1070mm /1270mm     Length:30m/50m






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