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RC and Cast coated A4 photo paper

posted on 2018-01-08 13:14:43

The paper base of resin-coated A4 photo papers is sealed by two polyethylene layers. It is suitable for professional customers due to its print result and waterproof effect. In usual, it can be used for wedding pictures, art photo, family photo, portrait, commercial advertisement, brochure and so on.

    RC A4 photo paper have four types: glossy, satin, rough, woven. The characteristics: high brigtness, strong absorbency and waterproofness. (waterproof double side, it can be putted into water in two hours). It can be used for dye and pigment ink, both are okay.

    Cast coated A4 photo paper adopts Micro SiO2 coating technology. In brightness and whiteness aspect, it can reach the level of traditional A4 photo paper. It is with cast coated base paper, which is applied for photo album, menu, invitation, greeting card and other general print file.

Cast coated A4 photo paper have two kinds: single or double side glossy A4 photo paper, single or double side matte A4 photo paper. It has strong absorbency and waterproof surface. It just can be used dye ink. Due to characteristic of dye ink, it will lead to fade in a long time, so we recommend to preserve it with laminating film.






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