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RFQ of before purchasing the professional photo paper

posted on 2018-03-05 10:15:04

Maybe you will have some RFQ of before purchasing the professional photo paper.Today we will reply to them.

1.Are you the manufacturer ?

Yes, We are a manufacturer of inkjet professional photo paper. Our factory is in Anhui province, covers business in pulp--base paper--coating--cutting--finished products. We are very pleased to have you visit our factory if there’s any chance !

2.What types of photo printing paper do you offer?

All Yesion professional photo paper are inkjet paper. In general, this means that they have a chemical coating that helps trap inkjet ink and produce professional photo paper with sharp detail and bright color. We offer gloss, matte (non-gloss), satin, rough, silky and speciality inkjet media like 3D, embossed professional photo paper.


3.Is the quality the same with Kodak and Epson ?

Although our quality already got very good feedback from our clients, But we should admit that there still have certain difference between Kodak, Epson and ours, mainly differ in the base paper, coating, production technology. This problem exist in the whole industry in China.

But, we are making efforts in improving the quality all the time, nowadays, with the importing of high-tech equipment and the change of coating and production technology, for the professional photo paper, almost all of world are using Chinese paper. And RC professional photo paper are obtaining more and more market in the whole world, we firmly believe that our paper will replace Kodak and Epson in the future ! 


4.Do you provide free photo paper in sheets samples?Who pays for the shipping cost?   

Yes, We provide free professional photo paper in sheets samples. But the shipping cost will be paid by your side.


5.Where to buy our products? 

If u are interested in our professional photo paper, you can email us directly. Pls list what do u need in details (type, gram, size, packaging, and how many). We will make a specific quotation list for u, if it is okay, PI was send to u by email. When u confirm and finish the deposit, we will arrange the production of professional photo paper in advance.






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