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Self adhesive Photo paper

    posted on 2017-06-22 17:49:12

    Our self adhesive photo paper has three types: self adhesive glossy, matte and PET series.

    Self adhesive photo paper has two sizes with sheet and roll. It is combined with surface paper,

water glue and white-silicon release paper. The glue is water glue, which is Eco-friendly, cost-effective,

and with long time preserve. To avoid touching with water in the process of using. In addition, the

self adhesive paper has a strong stickiness, and it is not easy to tear down if stick on things. Compared with

self adhesive and normal photo paper, their difference is that the reverse side of self adhesive photo paper

is with stickiness.

   The application is that making photo booth and individualized album. The bigger size one, it can be used

for advertisement propaganda material.

   PET self adhesive photo paper has many kinds: waterproof transparent or white, non-waterproof transparent

or white, drawing golden/silver, bright golden/silver and so on.

   If you want to to know more, feel free to contact us.









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