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Similarities and differences between adhesive photographic paper and adhesive PET

Posted on 2019-11-04 11:00:14


Difference of the 2 products


  1.  Printer:


Adhesive photo paper: Suitable for all inkjet printers.

Sticker PET film : for inkjet printers & laser printers


  1. Color


The adhesive photo paper is only white, and the adhesive PET has a variety of colors to choose from such as transparent, milky white, laser, gold, silver...


  1. Water resistance


Waterproofing is usually referred to as fast dry in the field of paper products. actually water can not be poured onto the paper,otherwise it will affected the image .  but the waterproofness of PET will be slightly better.

  1. Scratch resistance


PET is superior to adhesive photo paper.


  1. Using


Adhesive photo paper, it can be used to make various labels.

Adhesive photo paper is widely make personalized photo albums;Suitcase sticker; label ;notebook, make travel diary, Some larger specifications will also be used as advertising materials


PET stickers film are also widely used on cups, cosmetics, electronic labels, panel labels, electrical labels, and the like.

Commodity industry: price tags, product description tags, shelf labels, bar code labels, drug labels.


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