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Some questions about water transfer paper

posted on 2018-05-14 11:38:56

In our daily sales, Many customers are very interested in water decal transfer paper.

They will care about the price, quality, packing and usage of the product. 

We have ink jet transfer and laser water transfer on our water transfer paper. They are divided into white and transparent.

  1. About the price, usually between 0.5to 0.6 dollars ,of course, it depends on the quantity , large quantity, the price can be discussed.
  2. About package : Normally suggest using white&black instructions packing

On the one hand it convenient for customers to distinguish the products kinds ink jet ,laser (white or transparent . )

On the other hand , it can guide people to operation it who use it for the first time.

Additional ,customized packing provide, cover sheet , box etc .we have a professional designer could help you make a beautiful design according to your requirement .

4.Size: normally is A3 and A4 , customized size could provide ,as long as you meet the MOQ.

3.Usage: About operation could provide professional instructions and videos for your reference.






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