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The difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl

posted on  2019-08-14 11:26:33

As we known, there are different types of t-shirt heat transfer materials available. Heat transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl,etc.

For heat transfer vinyl,we have PVC, PU, Glitter, Flock, hologram, Metallic etc printable heat transfer vinyl films with many colors.

Today we will discuss the difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl:

1.the materials are different

PU heat transfer vinyl uses 100% polyurethane (TPU) elastic material

PVC heat transfer vinylis made of environmentally friendly polychlorinated (PVC) and polyurethane (TPU) materials.


2.the process is different

PU heat transfer vinyl is produced by coating process

PVC heat transfer vinyl is produced by a composite process.


3.PU heat transfer vinyl: It has a soft hand, can be stretched, has high coverage, and is not deformed by high temperature hot stamping. 

PVC heat transfer vinyl: It has a fuller feel, anti-stretching, high coverage, no deformation after high temperature hot stamping, no degumming, no powder.

4.the thickness is different

PU heat transfer vinyl effective thickness: 110-130um

PVC heat transfer vinyl effective thickness: 120-140um


5.the operation method

PU heat transfer vinyl: cold knife, hot knife can be. If using a release TPU lettering film, use a cutting plotter to cut if glued

PU heat transfer vinyl can be engraved using a plotter/laser/marking machine.

PVC heat transfer vinyl: cold knife is better than hot knife, can be engraved with cutting plotter / laser machine / marking machine.


6.Our PU heat transfer vinyl with 34 colors(normal and luminous colors). And PVC heat transfer vinyl with 30 colors. PU has more color to choose.


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