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The difference between water transfer paper and water stickers paper

posted on  2019-05-20 13:26:27

Water transfer and water stickers, many people will confuse them, I feel that they are no different in all aspects, but carefully one contrast, in fact, their differences are large, specifically what are the differences between them?

The difference one:

1.Water transfer is to transfer the printed paper to the required material.

2.The water sticker is a flower paper printed with a pattern.

Difference two:

1.Water transfer is a type of printing in which a transfer paper/plastic film with a color pattern is subjected to macromolecular hydrolysis by water pressure. Mainly used for the transfer of various types of ceramics, glass paper, etc.

2.The water sticker is a sticker that can be used after being soaked in water. It is a brand-new transfer technology that uses water as a carrier to separate the pattern from the backing paper and transfer it to the substrate to realize the principle of indirect printing.


Water transfer and water stickers, although they are a word difference, but the difference between them is large, the function is not the same, can not be confused, when transferring objects, you need to carry out different transfer according to different items. Good results.







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