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The difference of PP Paper and Glossy Photo Paper

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PP synthetic paper is a photo machine is a material commonly used in printing, but also in advertising material very common.

1.PP paper is made from polypropylene resin, polyethylene resin, the main raw material mixed with natural powder and other repression, the characteristics of their products based on plastic materials imitation paper production, not the slightest use of forest resources, in order to replace the natural function of the paper new products.

2.synthetic paper, in addition to having the reach of natural paper waterproof, durable, tear not broken the plastic properties, but also both the fine print processing suitability of natural paper, can be widely used in letterpress, lithographic, gravure, screen printing, etc. and stamping, embossing, cutting, drilling, origami and other post-processing areas.

3.PP can be used for photo paper with adhesive, called the "adhesive PP synthetic paper", in addition to its use in advertising, can also be used for printing, etc., it is widely used.

4.paper is an advertising photographic material as well as the more commonly used, and it is commonly used pictures of printed material. Various photographic and coated with a photosensitive agent was paper collectively. Quantitative 120 ~ 200g / m. Smooth white paper, high smoothness, good dimensional stability. Use cotton pulp or bleached chemical pulp manufacturing such high purity. It has a certain wet strength, acid and alkali thick paper. Photo paper can be out of the picture than ordinary adhesive PP Synthetic bright, colorful, because the paper is high gloss, colorful, high-resolution images, a stronger anti-aging properties, the overall effect of the performance ratio of PP paper is better.

In short, two papers have their own advantages and disadvantages, how to choose, it is necessary and finally depending on your practical use.






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