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Transfer paper for cup

posted on  2018-09-10 10:45:59

In our company we provide 3 kinds transfer paper for cup and mug .

1.Water decal transfer paper ,

He is divided into two types, inkjet and laser, to meet the needs of different printers.

The water transfer paper can be directly transferred to the cup. Tools needed when transfer (water transfer paper, printer, and cup, if is inkjet water transfer paper need Varnish, varnish is mainly used to lock the ink). but one point is that there may be a little gel on the cup.

2.There is also a sublimation transfer paper. If using sublimation transfer, the cup must have a sublimation coating, Tools needed when transfer (sublimation transfer paper, printer, coated cup,  cup press machine) When using sublimation transfer, the ink will sublimate directly onto the surface of the cup, Pattern and cup blend .


3.Inkjet matte coated paper for transfer(yellow)

This is a transfer paper that can also be used for mug and cup.Mirror printing the image using sublimation ink,then transfer the photo to mug using mug press machine.

All are suitable for personalization, you can choose different products according to your needs.






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