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Water decal transfer paper

   Water decal transfer paper, which widely used on Mug, Pen, Glass, Crystal, Metal, Handphone, Wood, Tile, Plastic, Souvenir and so on. People perfer to that it is most popular way to show their distinctive and print anything they want on the suitable materials. Also it can be instead of sublimation transfer paper, to transfer on Irregular goods.

    What is the difference between "White Inkjet decal transfer paper" and "Clear Inkjet decal tranfer paper"?

    White ink let paper is used when you are going to apply your decal to a dark surface, for example, a black ceramic tile. The "white" paper gives your decal the    added opacity it needs to brighten the colors in the decal when applied to the dark surface. Clear ink jet paper is used when you are going to apply your decal to a  light surface, for example, a white collector plate. The "clear" paper allows you to apply your printed decal to any light surface that does not require added opacity for  brightness.

    Can the decals printed on this paper be fired after application?

  1. The inks used in all printer cartridges are not ceramic or glass inks and therefore, they cannot withstand the high temperatures used in such firings. If you wish to semi permanently set your decal into any ceramic piece, you may bake the piece in your home oven at 200-300F for twenty minutes.

    Are the decals printed on this paper permanent when applied to a surface?

  1. They will come off if you expose them to water. They are however permanent for decoration purposes on hanging tiles, collector plates, wooden furniture, etc. Anything that you decorate and do not wash, heat or microwave should be long lasting.

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