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Why the pictures after transferring will crack?

posted on 2017-12-04 09:37:57

At a time, we hear users complaining that the picture after transferring has cracked. Typically, after the first wash, whether the transfer paper was bought directly from Photo Paper Store or elsewhere, the results are ultimately the same. The main reason for this situation are the followings for your reference.

Not Enough Temperature–Temperature is the crucial element that directly affects the result. It is essential to use a good iron (at least 1600w or preferably higher)   which needs to be pre-heated for 4-5 minutes. If the image is transferred with lower temperature to the garment , the times can be washed will be greatly reduced.

Uneven Pressure–Ensure uniform force is required. What’s more, when you transfer the picture, you should put the garment onto a solid surface such as a table top, cutting board or anything else which is flat and sturdy. At this time, you’d better set a pillow case or an old t-shirt outside the table top or cutting board in order to protect the surface from heat damage.

Not using silicon sheet–Each pack comes with a reusable silicon sheet. Once you have ironed the image and peeled off the paper, the sheet can be used to further embed or push the design onto the garment. If you skip this stage, may result in a loosely applied transfer, or the picture will crack after the first wash .

Incorrect washing–Simply following our guidelines for correct washing. Pay attention to whether the transfer is exposed to outside. To the temperature, cycle, etc. they are unlike common perception, It is strictly forbidden to wash an inkjet transferred image by hand or as a delicate cycle in a washing machine.

If your transferred image has already cracked, you do not need to do much to rectify the situation. Simply pay attention to the above recommendations next time. In 99% of cases, it will remain smooth and flat.






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