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Yesion laser transfer paper

posted on  2019-07-15 11:17:50

Today we will introduce our product, laser light transfer paper and laser dark transfer paper.This product is suitable for individual transfer printing of cotton clothes

This is laser light transfer paper for light cotton fabric, and this is laser dark transfer paper for dark cotton fabric.

Usually we suggest using Cryogenic laser printer, such as HP,fuji Xerox , OKI etc.
First of all , let's print the picture .We need note when printing the light transfer paper, we need choose mirror printing, while the dark do not need
Second, let us cut out any parts we do not want to transfer onto the T-shirt.

Now we first transfer the light transfer paper, transfer the cloth or T-shirt need to transfer on the surface of the stamping machine, cut the picture on the cloth or T-shirt, print face down.
Set the temperature of the press machine to 185 degrees, 25 seconds, press down the waiting time of the press machine to zero.
Take out the transfer of cloth or T-shirt, peel off the transfer paper back paper immediately,Then the transfer is ok.
(after tearing off the transfer paper back, we suggest to print the printed cloth or T-shirt on the press machine to print 3-5s)
Now let's transfer the dark transfer paper, peel off the printed picture from the back paper.
Place the fabric or T-shirt that needs to be transferred on the hot stamping machine. Place the prepared picture on the fabric or T-shirt.Cover with hot oily paper or hot cloth
Set the temperature of the press machine to 140 degrees, 15 seconds, press down the waiting time of the press machine to zero.
Remove the transferred fabric or T-shirt and complete the transfer.

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