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Adhesive photo paper and its glue

Posted on  2020-12-11 14:19:48


Adhesive photo paper is a kind of photo paper with glue on the back, which can be used to make personalized photo albums. Some larger specifications are also used for the production of advertising materials.

Good stickiness, good printing effect. With adhesive photo paper, you can avoid other processes and stick directly


The glue of our photo paper we used is water glue, if necessary, we can also help to change it to hot melt glue.


What is the difference between back glue and water glue?


Water glue

Water glue is made by emulsifying acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsifying equipment with water as solvent.


The advantages are: variety, environmental protection, no irritating odor, low price, and long storage time. Now many coatings are made of water-soluble glue, which is water-soluble for its functionality, environmental protection, low price, and long storage time. The direction of coating in the future.

The disadvantages are: poor film-forming properties, poor washing fastness, and poor adhesive fastness.


Hot melt glue

Hot melt adhesive is mainly made of synthetic rubber, resin, rubber oil, etc., mixed and heated to a molten state and then coated on a substrate such as printing media.


The advantages are: low cost, and strong adhesion; good thermal stability, no impurities, good operability, excellent water resistance; hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a plastic adhesive, in a certain temperature range Its physical state changes with temperature changes, while its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is an environmentally friendly chemical product.

The disadvantages are: the viscosity is obviously affected by temperature, and it is easy to be oxidized in contact with air to cause yellowing of the tissue, and the storage time is shorter.


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