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how to choose best photo paper for different usage

posted on 2017-09-18 13:04:58

Do you know there how many types about inkjet photo paper? Some paper makes your pictures bright and lively,

when you communicate with photo paper seller, how can you tell him what you want? After reading this article, you

are introduced to photography preliminarily.

① Cast coated photo paper

Constituent: Cast Coated base paper + Micro SiO₂/AlO₂coating.

Feature: water-proof , suitable for dye ink (if you want to use pigment ink , you’d better test the sample before). High

brightness. Dry fast .

Note: A. Cast coated photo paper can’t be used on laser printers .because the coating is easy to fall off under high

temperature. It will influence the printing result and cause extremely damage the printer. But there are some low

temperature laser printers in the market. Such as FUJI Xerox .OKI laser printer that could print with cast coated photo

paper. We do not suggest you use laser printers. This kind of paper is a basic for photo printing, if the photo not so

important, and become useless soon, you can choose cast coated photo paper, this help to save money.


② Resin Coated Photo Paper (RC photo paper)

Constituent : RC base paper + Nanoscale Micro SiO₂/AlO₂coating.

Feature: Double side water-proof, fast dry , suitable for both dye and pigment ink , premium high brightness.

Note: For RC photo paper, the preferred printing ink is pigment, because pigment ink has higher light and air pollution

resistance than dye ink, this could remedy the limitation that RC paper is easy to be affected by air pollution such as

o₃. Sulphide and Nitrogen. This kind of paper makes your pictures looks the most like real. And your photo will be totally

waterproof and can be held for longtime.


③ Non-waterproof photo paper (swellable)

Constituent: RC Base Paper + PVA Coating

Feature: Non-waterproof. High density.suitable for dye ink

Note: The base paper of Non-waterproof photo paper is exactly the same with RC photo paper and sliver halide photographic

paper. This type of paper need some time to be dried after printing(The ink volatilize completely in nature). After printing,

water .moisture of fingerprints. Even the steam of sneezing and cooking could damage the picture. Meanwhile, the compatible

ink is dye ink only.  


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