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How to choose photo paper to printing

posted on 2017-06-27 09:21:26

At this stage the tourism industry is more and more developed, people are more and more

like to travel around, but how to keep the scenery along with their own, the photo has

become one of the essential items to keep your beautiful moments . But how to choose

the type of photo paper, how to better save it?

We can analyze from the following aspects:

Glossy photo paper high brightness, good reflective, but easy to stained with fingerprints,

but also easy to stick (such as plastic paper and other objects), generally suitable for product

photos or art photos, clarity must be the best smooth. More suitable for the performance of

scenery. Landscape advertising and other colorful contrast subject matter.

As the satin photo paper surface is relatively rough, so the texture of the suede paper, the surface

of the feeling of frost, no reflection, not easy to stained with fingerprints, but the low degree of

transparency, no glossy photo paper, professional photographers prefer suede. At the same time,

due to suede paper surface grainy, relatively vague photos with suede print effect may be better.

The general frame is small, the image should be clear selection of smooth.

General frame larger, slightly rough image should be selected suede.

Choose the right type photo paper, let the scenery more charming.








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