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How to use paper properly

Stock Save and Transportation:
Please keep the temperature in the relatively stable environment (the temperature should not be too large 18 ~ 30 ℃), to avoid high temperature, direct sunlight, the ground, the air should be kept dry (humidity as far as possible to maintain at 20 ~ 65%). Before the use of the proposed horizontal display, placed place to do the flat, uneven will lead to photo paper bending, printing card machine, paper packaging stacking layer should not exceed 8 layers, the top can not be dumped heavy objects. Handling and use should be careful, can not throw throw, to avoid hard objects squeeze, rubbing and jabbing caused by indentation, wrinkles, rupture and so on. After opening the membrane should pay attention to the protection of both ends of the material, to avoid damage caused by extrusion deformation.

After unpacking:
After opening the package all the operation should wear soft white cotton gloves to avoid the product surface coating scratches or contaminated perspiration and stains. Unused paper should be loaded back to the moisture-proof bag, rather than as shown in Figure 2 as the random spread on the table, to avoid prolonged exposure to the air, so not only to avoid moisture can also dust. To prevent the ink absorption coating to absorb moisture in the air and thus affect the ink absorption performance.

When photo printout:
Do not use poorly compatible ink (especially some compatible ink that permeates pure water), it is recommended to use original ink or reliable compatible ink to ensure print quality. General printer production will have their own technical identification in the inside, so some poor quality ink may seriously affect the printing, such as the printing accuracy is very low, color, ink, ink, ink and so on. Before the output should be a small sample to print, observe the effect, and then in the print software to adjust to get the best output. But also to see if the ink is suitable for the use of paper, a lot of inkjet paper is not suitable for pigment ink or dye ink. In general, RC photo paper can be compatible with these two kinds of ink, such as the United States Diamond face paper, Kodak royal photo paper. Such as printing with incompatible ink, the picture output, there will be photos halo color, ink does not absorb and so on.

Output Post Processing:
Do not touch the photo paper  screen until the ink is completely dry before printing. Do not touch the screen until it is completely dry. Do not stack the pictures together. The space can be used to dry the photos. Cover film should pay attention to the environment clean, to avoid excessive dust affect the effect of film, if the gum is posted products should be the first to keep the carrier clean, if the water paste method should be completely evaporated after the water and then follow-up treatment.




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