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Laser Dark Self- weeding(No-cut) transfer paper

posted on 2018-05-29 11:13:39

Self-weeding(No-cut) is that where the pattern will be transferred, unlike the ordinary transfer paper, there is no pattern of the place will have been printed with a transparent film in the past, unless you do not use a leak engraved machine to carve away. The self-weeding transfer paper without leakage can be achieved the same effect.

Application: Kinds of material fabric ( 100% Cotton , polyester,Polycotton, Nylon, Polypropylene and much more.)

Here is the transfer video link on you tube: 

Self-weeding transfer paper Note:

1, Mirror printing.

2, B paper transfer to A paper on the hot version when the hot tear.

3, Suspicious of jelly-like material to cut edge.

4, A paper transfer to the T shirt then tear it after temperature is down, means warm peel.

5, After the completion of transfer , heat press again to reinforce the printing.

6,Self-weeding transfer paper must need OKI printer with white toner

Here are some printer model for your reference :

OKI ES7411WT/C711WT/PRO7411WT (A4)

ES9420WT/C920WT/PRO9420WT/PRO8432WT (A3)

Or five color laser printer OKI ES9541 (A3)

oki c711wt laser printer
oki c711wt laser printer
oki 9542 laser printer
oki 9542 laser printer


As your can see in the video, our self weeding transfer paper is simple to operate and the transfer time is short. Now more and more people choose this paper to replace regular heat transfer paper.






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