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Laser dark self weeding transfer paper

Posted on 2020-07-10 15:19:37


Many customer are looking for no cut transfer paper for cotton fabric. In our Yesion company ,we have one products which can meet customers’ requirement.


That is Laser dark self weeding transfer paper,which is dark cotton fabric and suitable for OKI printer with white toner.


Our normal item is A paper with B paper, which is widely sell all over the world.But during our selling, many customers said they want transparent one, which is easier when do transfer work.


According to customer requirement, we do a lot job to developing A foil and after times testing, we finally have another type,A foil with B paper.


And in order to make the transfer success rate better, we improve the produce craft, and update the paper to a better quality.


Now we have two kinds laser dark self weeding transfer paper for customer choosing, they are A paper with B paper and A foil with B paper.


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