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Laser self weeding tranfer paper

Posted on 2020-05-11 16:01:02 

Laser self weeding tranfer paper


Laser self weeding tranfer paper consists of A film and B paper.


In the past, when transferring patterns on dark fabrics, you need to print pattern>> engraving pictures with a plotter >> covering with positioning film >> removing blank areas>>transferring. Many steps and some pictures do not connect well.

Nowadays, we use laser self weeding transfer paper to complete the hollow pattern transfer of fine patterns by one person in 120 seconds, without picking pictures, equipped with professional RIP software, colorful and efficient printing.



1.A film is transparent, you can see the accurate positioning and effect of the picture during transfer

  1. OKI printer with white toner, or ordinary color laser printer
  2. Continuous printing, vivid and vivid colors
  3. Short transfer time, improve your production efficiency
  4. Only the part with the pattern color remains after the transfer, and the part without the pattern color will not be transferred
  5. The color will not fall off after washing.

7.Strong rebound force after stretching, and there will be no broken texture to affect the appearance


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