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Laser uncoated transfer paper for pen

posted on  2019-10-30 15:34:00

Uses: Can be used to transfer uncoated items (ceramic wood products)

The transfer paper can be transferred without coating, suitable for uncoated or painted items!
Printer and heat press machine requirements: must be printed by color laser printer, high pressure heat press machine

This laser uncoated transfer paper only needs a color laser printer (any brand), you can transfer the pattern to all high temperature resistant hard objects by heat transfer thermal transfer equipment, no need for  sublimation coating, no need to buy And maintain high cost UV printers. Transferable materials such as: uncoated glass, ceramic, wood, high temperature plastic, leather, iron and aluminum sheet, etc.

1. print image: general laser printer print quality selection [label], [mirror] print

2. Pressing before printing: It is necessary to set the temperature and transfer time of the ironing machine before transfer.

Place the image surface close to the surface of the substrate, place it on the ironing board, and place the separation paper; if it is transferred to the water cup, fix the transfer paper, wrap it with a heat insulation pad and transfer it.

Transferring different objects requires a corresponding transfer ironing machine. Generally, flat objects can be selected from common flat ironing machines, and cups are selected for hot-painting baking cup machines.

3. baking and drying: ceramic, metal, glass, wood, leather baking temperature is 200-230 ° C, time is 15-30 minutes; mahjong brand material baking temperature is 100 ° C, time is 10-15 minutes .

Oven: Industrial oven or household oven can be used. Main function: After baking, the pattern has stronger adhesion and scratch resistance.

Remarks: 1. For the baking temperature and time of the high temperature resistant material, please adjust it flexibly in the actual operation. The principle is not to exceed the maximum temperature that the substrate itself can withstand. 2. Large items that are inconvenient to be placed in the oven can be dried naturally.







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