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Non-laminated pvc card material

Posted on 2019-12-02 11:26:17


Non-laminated pvc card material uses a common inkjet printer to print color images and text on a special PVC material, and then use a common laminator to hot press, and a card can be used to create a personalized card. Bright image!Rich layer ! the effect can be compared with the printing, no need to buy special laminating equipment; the operation is simple, no need for professional technicians: the cost of card making is low.


Operation steps:

  1. Design card samples, make imposition, the front and back imposition should be consistent, centered printing. Pattern setting mirror output: The pattern is printed on the side of the transparencies without a protective film, which is also the surface that is attached to the middle material. After printing, prevent it for about a minute.


  1. Remove the protective film on the middle material (both sides), and affix the printed film print surface to the middle material, paying attention to the position of the front and back patterns. Three sheets of material are placed together in a laminator at a temperature between 120 and 140 degrees.


  1. Cut the card from the middle


  1. Put the card into the card cutting machine and cut it into finished cards. The card that needs to be worn can punch the card with punching pliers. The protective film on both sides of the finished card can be torn off when usedand the surface will become brighter.20191126PVC卡EDM_05






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