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which factors affects the sublimation paper

posted on  2018-08-20 11:13:58

With the wide use of sublimation paper, more and more customers are concerned about the factors affecting the sublimation paper, such as the drying speed of thermal sublimation, the associated printer, and so on.

First of all, what factors affect the drying rate? Generally speaking, it includes drying rate of paper itself; the printing environment includes environmental humidity; and the amount of printing ink, and if we want to speed up drying, Manual drying measures can be taken, such as using a heater, drying lamp, etc.

Second, do the thermal sublimation paper have special requirements for the machine? In general, our paper is basically applicable to all printers, and there is no special choice for machines.

The third, sublimation paper storage conditions? Relative humidity of 45-70% RH, the temperature is 10 to 30 ℃, placed a cool and dry and avoid direct sunlight, air conditioning temperature wet room is recommended. To avoid dampness, it should be stacked 15 to 20 cm away from the ground,the number of stacked layers should not exceed 8 marked outside the carton.

Forth, sublimation paper printing room humidity? It is better to control 45 ~ 70%RH. Please install air conditioner in the printing room, and control printing under proper conditions to ensure the stable printing quality.

If there is no air conditioning, it is recommended to balance the moisture in the transfer paper before printing (1-2 days to open the plastic bag outside the paper), so as to avoid overabsorption of ink in digital printing.

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