Glossy and matte sticker photo paper

With the many different self-adhesive inkjet papers from Yesion Paper, you can create a variety of presentations, displays, or signs. We offer a fantastic selection of self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive inkjet printable film, self-adhesive media, The type of self-adhesive media you need depends partly on the properties of the mounting surface and how long you need the graphics to remain in place .


This is the description of Glossy and matte sticker photo paper
Nameadhesive glossy photo paperself-adhesive matte photo paperPET sticker paper
Gram weight (gsm)90 /115/135120175
Sheet(size and consist)A3 A4 and other special size ( surface paper+20gsm water glue+60gsm Release Paper)75g suface +20gsm water glue+80gsm Release paper
Roll(size and consist)12" 17" 24" 36" 42" 50" ×30m/50m (Glossy surface paper+20gsm oil glue+20gsm PE film)
PrinterAll inkjet printer such as Epson/Canon/HP/Kodak/Lexmark etc.
InkDye inkdye ink or pigment inkdye ink or pigment ink
WaterproofYes (a few drops of water on the paper and wipe them ,it won't affect the picture)

1.Great for printing anything you'd like to see on

a sticker! This glossy photo paper is specially

designed to instantly dry with a high resolution

pictures, graphics, and texts. Just print, cut out

any shape you like, or use the whole sheet as

one large sticker.                                                                                   2.Use in the office, at school, or at home.

Label your files at work, or put a cute sticker

on your child's lunch box.                                                                                   3.This paper is Water Resistant, protecting your

stickers for a longer-lasting life-span. In addition,

this photo glossy paper is universally coated to

use with most inkjet printers in the market today.

1.Matt Coated Inkjet Papers are high quality, coated matt papers with a high white homogeneous surface.
2.They provide an economical choice for printing photographic images for shortterm indoor displays as well as architectural or CAD graphics.
1. Excellent waterproof function, without surface treatment after printing, has a good waterproof ability, suitable for graphic output and plate making.
2. High contrast, high definition; Support 5760 dpi resolution photo level output effect, can be used for high quality photo image output.
3. stable performance, long-term effective, no change of ink receptivity.
4. Physical imaging directly, transfer rate is 100% , no chemical reaction, with a unique high-tech manner, make the film overlying together without touching each other, effectively solve the problem of printing film how to store for a long time.


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